6 Steps to Get Started with MapsIndoors


What’s the last thing you want after going through a potentially lengthy purchasing process?

- A difficult and drawn-out delivery and implementation process.

We like to think that choosing an indoor navigation provider is a no brainer and that we offer the best platform for any indoor wayfinding solution. However, we understand that you may want to explore the market and the different solutions out there. We also know you probably have several stakeholders with different interests to take into consideration when choosing your provider and making sure you end up with the best solution for your needs.

While mapping (pun intended) your needs and researching possible solutions is an interesting task, it can be an exhausting process to balance needs and budgets. So, once the decision is made and the contract is signed, you really just want to get started quickly and painlessly. That’s why we have simplified our process to take as much work off your shoulders as possible and get you started as soon as possible. In this blog we’ll walk you through the six steps to get started with MapsIndoors, so you know exactly what to expect once the contract is signed.

Welcome to the team

Shortly after you’ve signed a contract with us, we’ll send you a welcome package. The package contains contact information for the project manager who’ll be responsible for your project and who’ll also be your main point person during implementation, and your post launch support person.

It also gives you an overview of the next steps, the data requirements you need to consider before the kick-off meeting, and an FAQ section.

Getting started with MapsIndoors

Step 1: The kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting is the first real step in the creation of your solution. The main purpose of the meeting is to level set. Sometimes clients have already provided us with CAD drawings, sometimes they haven’t. Sometimes we already know what buildings our clients want mapped, sometimes we don’t. At the kick-off meeting we go through your project. We identify what data is missing, go through the process from kick-off to release, and talk about the timeline of delivery.

Step 2: We create a project plan

After the kick-off meeting your project manager will create a project plan of your solution and share it with you, so you always know the status of the project and expected delivery dates.

Step 3: You provide us with the data we need

At this step of the process, you provide us with the data we need to start mapping your venue, such as CAD drawings, room identification information, or the like. We can map your buildings from almost any format, but honestly, some formats are more time consuming than others. CAD drawings and DWG files are the fastest ones to digitize.


Step 4: We digitize your map and develop your features

Once we have all of the information we need, our technical designers begin digitizing the maps. The timeline depends on the size of your building(s) and the size of your solution.

Of course, we’ll stay in touch while we map your venue. This can be through weekly or biweekly calls - depending on your project and preferences - where we update you on the progress. And remember, if you have any questions, we’re never more than a phone call or an email away.

Step 5: We review the solution together

At step 5 we’ll have a review meeting, where we’ll present the solution and do a hand-over presentation. During the meeting we’ll review the CMS and your solution within the CMS as well as your demo web app.

During this meeting you’ll get a chance to look at the solution we have created for you and comment and edit it. We’ll show you screenshots of the solution, give you a link to the web app and your MapsIndoors key, but we’ll also teach you how to use the MapsIndoors CMS.

After the review meeting you’ll have about a week to thoroughly review the solution, making sure floor plans and locations are correct and playing around with the CMS to see if you have any updates or changes. We’ll meet once or twice after the meeting to go through your solution, fine-tuning the final details.Getting started with MapsIndoors

Step 6: Your solution is ready to be released

Hurray! Your solution is now finished and ready to be rolled out. Of course, we’re still here for any kind of support. Just reach out to your project manager and we’ll help you asap.

If you want to get started with your MapsIndoors solution today, reach out to the salesperson in your region via the green button below. 

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