Adapting MapsIndoors to Today’s Modern Buildings


How are people entering your venue?

No matter the industry, buildings are becoming more and more complex, including the way we enter them. Today’s modern buildings often have entry points on several floors, depending on how visitors arrive at the venue. Think of shopping malls or airports connected to subways or train stations. Pedestrians may enter on one floor, but people arriving by subway or train enter on a different floor.

Until now, it has only been possible to have entry points on one floor in a building in MapsIndoors, but with this new feature, venues can now have entry points on several floors at the same time. This means that if it’s possible to enter a venue on, for instance, 1st floor, people will be guided through this entrance if it’s the shortest route to their destination

“We want to define the future of indoor wayfinding and make the world more accessible by guiding people to where they want to go fast and effortlessly,” says Jesper Winther, MapsPeople CTO. “With this new feature, we’re adapting MapsIndoors to today’s modern buildings, making sure we’re always providing users with the shortest route to their destination.”

The feature has already been released and soon a similar feature will be rolled out to make MapsIndoors even better for, for instance, corporate offices.

When MapsIndoors is opened, the map shows the ground floor by default. However, companies often share buildings with other companies, meaning that they rarely own the ground floor. That’s why we’re now making it possible for customers to choose, what floor they want MapsIndoors to show, when the map is opened.

This feature will start rolling out next week.

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