PointGrab and MapsPeople partner to create the most advanced corporate office solution

Aalborg, Denmark -- MapsPeople, creator of the world-leading indoor mapping platform ‘MapsIndoors’, has announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with PointGrab. PointGrab is the pioneer of office workspace optimization solutions, leveraging its ground breaking sensing platform to provide insights into occupant behavior and space utilization in commercial real estate. The alliance will allow corporate offices to reduce operational costs, enhance productivity, and improve employees’ well-being in the workplace.

Flexibility has quickly become one of the most desirable benefits a company can offer its employees. In fact, companies that allow flexible working have 25% lower employee turnover than those that don’t. However, flexibility comes at a high cost for corporate offices as expensive workstations are left unused.

The PointGrab sensing platform consists of highly intelligent workspace occupancy sensors and a cloud management system. The sensors detect employees’ count, locations, and traffic patterns and send the data to the CogniPoint Management System, allowing facility managers to optimize the office accordingly.

“CogniPoint empowers corporate offices to build a flexible and agile workplace by tracking occupants while protecting their privacy. It is built for facility management, but the data it gathers is important for all office employees”, says Roee Peled, VP of Global Sales & Business & Development at PointGrab.

MapsIndoors consists of a map of the facilities and a content management system. By pairing PointGrab and MapsIndoors corporate offices can show occupancy data on a map of their spaces in real-time. This means that not only facility managers but also employees and other facility members can benefit from the data collected by the PointGrab platform. This allows employees to get an easy overview of the office and available desks and meeting rooms which they can even book directly through the MapsIndoors Map.

The setup allows corporate offices to reduce costs by optimizing their layout according to occupancy. In addition, it increases productivity as employees don’t waste time searching for an available desk or room for their purposes, which increases well-being.

“The partnership between MapsPeople and PointGrab offers corporate offices the best of two worlds. The CongniPoint platform gathers and processes information and MapsIndoors communicates and visualizes it to all employees and facility members. I cannot think of a more powerful setup for a corporate office”, says Paolo Bruschi, Regional Sales Manager at MapsPeople.

About PointGrab: PointGrab is a leading machine learning and computer vision PropTech company that provides smart sensing solutions to the building automation industry. The company applies its superior deep-learning technology to the building automation ecosystem, where opportunities to gather data are abundant, but efficient real-time analytics are lacking.

About MapsPeople: MapsPeople is the world-leading provider of digital indoor navigation. The company specializes in developing and implementing the indoor navigation platform ‘MapsIndoors’ that allows people to effortlessly navigate large and complex buildings. Additionally, the platform also allows venues to easily manage their spaces and visualize room occupancy, asset tracking, and more. MapsPeople has a presence in 40 different countries and works with industry leaders in a number of verticals.

For further information, please contact:

PointGrab: Roee Peled, roeep@pointgrab.com, +972-544-468-120

MapsPeople: Paolo Bruschi, pb@mapspeople.com, +45 2889 2060