Clearer Overview with the MapsIndoors CMS


During the past month, we have been rolling out new updates to our CMS system that give you an even better and clearer overview of your venues.

We’ve added room geometries to the system which means that you can now interact with areas of the maps just by clicking on it. However, this also means that just clicking the map to create a new POI is no longer an ideal solution as you might want to create POIs in the interactive areas.

To avoid this problem, we’ve created an “add new POI” button in the bottom right corner of the map where you can enable the "new POI" functionality. After clicking the map, your new POI will be created, the property panel will open, and the map returns to the default state.


With the new updates, we’re also giving you an even better and clearer overview of your spaces. First of all, zooming out now lets you click a building to focus the camera on that building. Zooming out even further lets you click on venues. Clicking a venue sets it as the active venue so essentially the map now offers an alternative way to navigate your data. 

Second of all, POIs that are outside your building will now only display when you are on z0 (google level) instead of always showing outdoor POIs. This should greatly reduce confusion in some cases. To emphasize this the Google map renders a lot simpler when you do not have z0 selected.


On our blog, you will be sure to always find the best and newest MapsIndoors updates and features. Take a stroll through our blog page and let yourself be inspired and intrigued by the amount of interesting and new features brought to all of us by Google Maps. And while you're at it, you may also want to check out the CMS tutorial below. Check it out in the link below.

Tutorial: MapsIndoors Custom Data Properties