Entertain Yours-elf at Santa’s Village

We all know the feeling of time just dragging on when we’re looking forward to a birthday, a party, or Christmas but now there’s good news for all Christmas lovers. For the 15th year Google has opened the doors to their interactive holiday hub, Santa’s Village, and with 25 different activities, there’s entertainment for everyone all December long.

Are you a wrapper or a developer?

If you think Google’s Santa Village is just another holiday gimmick in the infinite series of Christmas calendars and giveaways, you’re wrong. While some of the activities are mostly for the fun of it, such as Wrap Battle and Code Boogie, other games are educational like Postcard and Code Lab where you can grapple with coding and exercise your developer skills 🤓

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 13.00.23

Explore the world

If you’re curious about Christmas traditions around the world, Santa’s Village also lets you explore the holiday traditions of 20 different countries. For instance, did you know that the Philippines are known for having the longest Christmas season? It lasts four months from September to December 😃

If you’re more into languages Santa’s Village is your chance to learn the basic Christmas sentences in 25 different languages including Elvish that is spelled with icons.

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 12.53.02

The Santa Tracker

Another thing to look forward to in the days before Christmas is the Santa Tracker. As Santa always forgets to tell his wife about where he is and where he’s going, she has enlisted their elite team of cartographelves to share his location as soon as he takes off from the North Pole. You can follow Santa’s journey in Google Maps or the Santa Tracker dashboard from Dec 24 🌎

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So, ❄️😃👋🏻(season’s greetings in Elvish)