Explore MapsIndoors with the New MapsIndoors App


Do you want to experience indoor navigation built with Google Maps?

Last week we released our new MapsIndoors app. The app is developed to make it even faster and easier for customers with demo solutions to experience MapsIndoors at their venue. But that’s not all. The app also works as a demo app, so potential customers can now try and explore our wayfinding platform as part of their decision-making process.

How it works

Just like any MapsIndoors solution, the MapsIndoors app provides its users with

  • Turn-by-turn directions from point A to Point B including seamless transition from indoor to outdoor navigation
  • A clear overview of a specific venue including all of its points of interest
  • The well-known design and functionalities of Google Maps
  • The additional features your demo solution may includeMapsIndoors Indoor Navigation app

“We’ve developed the MapsIndoors app to be able to deliver demo solutions even faster to our customers,'' says Jesper Winther, CTO at MapsPeople. Until now, demo solutions have been developed like all other MapsIndoors solutions. This includes individual design and styling of the map, but it also includes releasing new applications in app stores for every solution. “When you release an app, it has to go through an approval process, which drags out the delivery process. We don’t want our customers to wait for this, so we’ve developed an app that ensures a faster delivery,” says Winther.

The MapsIndoors app is a standard app that uses MapsPeople’s design. Customers log in with their solution id, which gives them access to their solution including all the individual features it may include.

How to get started

The MapsIndoors app is available in both iOS and Google Play. Once you’ve downloaded the app, type in your solution id (if you’re a customer) in the login field and click “go”. If you don’t have a MapsIndoors solution for your venue, you can still try our demo. Just type in “demo” in the solution id field and click “go” to access it. Now you’re ready to explore MapsIndoors.

Go to your favorite app store now to download MapsIndoors - directs links below.

Download from Google PlayDownload from the App Store