How to enhance the experience of your outdoor venue

After almost a year of lockdowns and social distancing, people are dreaming about holiday resorts, amusement parks, and sports events. What they are probably not dreaming about, is the frustration of trying to find their position and destination on an old school printed map.

In a world where highly accurate turn-by-turn navigation has become a commodity, visitors at a lot of private outdoor venues still have to rely on static, non-interactive maps, printed or digital, and their own sense of direction.

Whether you own a theme park, a zoo, or a car park, your visitors’ frustration of not knowing where they are or how to get to where they want to go, does not positively affect their experience with your facilities. 

Indoor navigation for outdoor places

As the name indicates, MapsIndoors was designed to help people navigate the great indoors. Today, however, the platform is one of the preferred platforms for outdoor venues too as it is built with Google Maps technology. This means that the transition from the world around your facilities to your spaces is completely seamless. Let’s dive into a more specific use case to find how your outdoor venue can benefit from MapsIndoors.

Imagine you are running a theme park. Currently, you offer printed maps at the entrance to give your visitors an overview of the premises. However, even with this map, visitors continue to get lost and find it difficult to find different facilities, causing frustrated parents and moody children.

All important information in one visual experience

A possible solution to this is to create an app for your park. While you might already have an app for your theme park, a survey shows that by maximizing the potential of your app, it will be possible to enhance visitor engagement. This also means that by optimizing your app’s uses and features, it might not only be beneficial for your guests’ experience, but also your park’s revenue. 

Without a doubt, you already offer your guests a lot of information and details about your park. But if the guest has to spend a lot of time accessing different pages to search for information, chances are they will find it difficult to find what they’re looking for - or they might even miss it completely. However, with a MapsIndoors solution, you will be able to gather otherwise segregated data and allow guests an easy and useful overview of the park and its information and offers directly via the map. 

2020-12-21From the moment your guests enter the theme park, they can easily gain an overview of your facilities. Your rides are marked as points of interest which visitors can click on to gain information and live updates. This could be information about safety requirements, height restrictions, and whether the ride is currently closed for maintenance. This allows guests to easily find out whether they can go on the ride without wasting time and energy on walking across the park.  

Use third party integrations for easy and smooth visitor experience

With the use of third party integrations, your MapsIndoors map will become everything your guest needs during their stay at your park. Research shows that the number one bugbear for visitors in theme parks are the queues. Further, it shows that 68% would use an app if it could help them avoid queues for rides, while 86% would use an app if it could allow them to order ahead in restaurants to avoid waiting for their food or drinks.

With MapsIndoors, you can integrate your queue management system and enable visitors to see the approximate  wait time of each ride, but it will also be possible to book a ride, meaning they get to spend more time experiencing the park and less time standing in a queue. It’s also possible to integrate a booking system for your restaurants to allow your visitors to reserve a table in advance. This offers your park a solution to what most visitors find the most tiresome - waiting time, be it for rides or food.  

You’ll also be able to incorporate other points of interest, such as restrooms, restaurants, and shops. You can add information such as opening hours, special offers, and menus. In this way, MapsIndoors can be customized to suit your unique needs exactly. 

To sum everything up, getting an app for your theme park definitely has a lot of benefits. Combine this with a MapsIndoors solution, and you’ll be able to view all needed information in one place. And, besides the obvious benefit of saving money from cutting out the printed maps, you’ll also be doing the earth a favor by switching to a more sustainable and eco-friendly navigation solution. 

Whether you have a theme park, a zoo, a car park, or any other outdoor venue, MapsIndoors can help you enhance visitor experience and increase revenue. Reach out to one of our MapsIndoors experts in your region and discover what we can do for you.

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