December Directions: New Icon Manager and Google Analytics


We’re only a bit more than halfway through the month, but because of Christmas and the upcoming holiday, it’s time for some December directions (pun intended).

New Icon Manager

Monday, Dec 16, we released a new feature that we’ve been looking forward to sharing with you: The Icon Manager.

With the Icon Manager MapsIndoors CMS users now have one place to manage icons for Locations, Location Types, and Categories for their solution - no more Icons, Custom Icons, and Advanced Icons; they’re just icons. 

If you upload an SVG with unsupported elements, they Icon Manager will tell you. This means that CMS users can stop guessing whether an SVG icon will work or not. Moreover, SVGs uploaded in 48x48px, will also show up on the map in 48x48px, and new PNGs are scaled down 3x, meaning they’ll look razor sharp on the newest mobile devices.

Finally, another great benefit of the Icon Manager is the preview function. Before the updated icon is saved, the CMS user can now preview what it will look like on the map.

If you want more details, read all about the Icon Manager on our documentation site:


Google Analytics in the web app

Where are people coming from and where are they going? This is important insights for a lot of complex venues, like sports arenas, convention centers, hospitals, airports, shopping malls, supermarkets, and more. 

To provide MapsIndoors customers with this information, we’ve integrated the MapsIndoors web application with Google Analytics, so venues can track end-users behaviour. So far, MapsIndoors customers can track nine different events in the web app, such as where the end-users got directions from and to, what they searched for to find a location, which locations and categories are most popular, and more. 

As Google Analytics tracks and reports website traffic, the feature is only available for the MapsIndoors standard web app, including kiosks. To get started you just need to set up a Google Analytics account and share your property id with us.

If you want to know more about MapsIndoors and the MapsIndoors CMS, visit on the buttons below.

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