AEGIX AIM and MapsPeople in strategic partnership

Company Announcement No. 21 - 2022. Inside information.

AEGIX AIM (US) and Mapspeople have agreed to a partnership where AEGIX AIM will embed MapsIndoors in their AEGIX AIM (Active Incident Management) platform.

The purpose of AEGIX AIM is “to keep people safe” and their platform is used in several hundred locations across the United States such as office buildings, schools, hospitals, government buildings, airports and other businesses to alert and connect everyone involved during an incident in real time. With MapsIndoors embedded in the AEGIX AIM application, the real-time communications based on location and directions are significantly improved. 

“I am very pleased that MapsPeople continues our North American growth with this new and exciting Partnership with AEGIX AIM. Our ability to deliver the most valuable Indoor maps to leading technologies across multiple geographies and verticals are critical to signing this new partnership that will deliver significant growth for MapsPeople in 2023," says Morten Brøgger, CEO of MapsPeople A/S.

This announcement is based on the strategic impact expected from the partnership. This announcement does not affect ARR guidance (company announcement no. 20-2022), which remains at DKK 68-73M for 2022.

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MapsPeople A/S:

Morten Brøgger

Mobile (+45) 31 23 48 72


Stigsborgvej 60, 9400 Nørresundby


Certified Advisor:

Grant Thornton

Jesper Skaarup Vestergaard

Mobile (+45) 31 79 90 00

Grant Thornton Stockholmsgade 45 2100 Copenhagen Ø Denmark