MapsPeople A/S: Financial Report Q3 2023

MapsPeople A/S

Company Announcement No. 29-2023
Aalborg, November 14, 2023

MapsPeople Announces 75% YoY growth in ARR

Q3 -2023 Performance Highlights:
● Q3 ARR growth of mDKK 5 to mDKK 51.4 (75% YoY Growth).
● MapsIndoor product line grew mDKK 5 in Q3 to mDKK 37.1 (126% YoY Growth).
● YTD Revenue at mDKK 30.2 40% growth compared to the same period last year.
● YTD Ebitda at negative mDKK 45.2 compared to mDKK 39.9 in the same period last
● Staff costs and other costs combined were lowered with mDKK 2.7 in Q3 compared
to Q2.
● NRR in Q3 is at 129%, mainly due to growth from our partner channels and a large
expansion of an Enterprise customer during Q3.

Outlook Guidance 2023 (Adjusted ARR guidance in company announcement no
● 2023 ARR guidance adjusted to mDKK 58-64 in company announcement 27-2023.
● 2023 Revenue guidance unchanged mDKK 38-45.
● Ebitda guidance unchanged at negative mDKK 52-62.
Capital requirement (in company announcement no 28-2023):
● Additional capital might be required, as the remaining tDKK 5,000 in facility from
EIFO has not yet been drawn, due to the milestones set in the loan agreement. We
are in close dialogue with EIFO in regards to this. If the amount is not released to
MapsPeople within December 2023, we will have to seek additional capital to finance
operations through 2023.
● Due to the revised ARR guidance for 2023 we foresee a capital requirement in 2024
to fully finance operations through 2024 and execute the 2024 strategy towards
profitability and positive cashflow. The management will start negotiations in
regards to securing the capital needed for this.
● The additional capital requirement until positive cash flow is in the range of mDKK
15-20 including the short term need if the EIFO loan is not paid out.

Management Summary
● Addition of growth from our partner ecosystem developed to our satisfaction during
Q3 wich is traditionally a weak quarter due to vacations, and contributed with
approximately one third of the Q3 growth in ARR
● One third of the growth in the quarter comes from new partners signed up on
prepaid platform licences
● We do foresee the need for more time converting our old contracted framework
agreements with partners than originally anticipated in Q4 and some will be shifted
into 2024 in order to achieve acceptable outcomes.
● We continue to drive organisational simplification and efficiencies beyond the cost
reductions from Q2 to ensure a capital efficient growth through 2024.

CEO Morten Brøgger and CFO Jesper Tidemand will present the Q3 report on Wednesday
15th at 12:00. Signup can be done at:

Link to Q3 2023 report:
Q3 2023 - report

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