MapsPeople adjusts ARR guidance for 2022

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Company Announcement No.20 - 2022

The ARR guidance for 2022 is reduced to reflect prolonged decision-making processes on the customer side, resulting in a few large contracts moving into 2023. Total Contracted Annual Recurring Revenue is now expected to be between DKK 68-73M at the end of 2022 (previous expectation DKK 75-85M).

The pipeline of potential new contracts is still significant and growing, which bodes well for future growth. However, global macro-economic uncertainty has led to prolonged decision-making processes, pushing final decisions into 2023. 

Outlook of revenue remains unchanged in the range of DKK 26-31M as announced in Company Announcement no. 11 and outlook of EBITDA remains unchanged as announced in company announcement no. 4.

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