MapsPeople Is One Step Closer to Offering Users Automated Indoor Maps

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In an effort to help MapsIndoors users create and update indoor maps almost on the fly, MapsPeople has for some time been looking to automate map creation processes to significantly reduce production time of maps based on technical drawings and CAD files. An automation of this work will not only benefit the wide range of customers that use MapsIndoors, but will also help the company to achieve its goal of creating "Maps in Minutes". In addition, the automation will support MapsPeople in making the company more scalable and less dependent on the highly skilled labor that is involved in the production today.

As a step further on the road towards its ambition of becoming a global leader within the field of indoor navigation, MapsPeople has obtained a patent pending to protect key elements of its automated production line. With the company aiming for a large global growth, the need for innovative methods to scale its MapsIndoors platform became evident. MapsPeople, which was listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market in June 2021, has seen an increased interest in its dynamic mapping platform, MapsIndoors, with yearly growth rates of almost 100%. 

The new patent pending invention covers simplifying and structuring unstructured data from technical drawings such as CAD files to a structured data set that deep learning algorithms can analyze and use to define features and parameters for map object detection. 

"It's been a question on how to meet our goals when it comes to scaling MapsIndoors globally without compromising on production time and quality or having to hire unreasonable amounts of new employees," explains MapsPeople CIO, Rasmus Andersen. 

The idea for the patent pending invention came to Andersen after a Computer Vision Lab event at Aalborg University, an institution that MapsPeople has collaborated with on multiple occasions when it comes to inviting students to the company internships and Master Thesis collaborations. 

"Being able to structure data will be very beneficial for us when it comes to automatizing entity detection and identification for a quicker map creation process. With this method, we can shorten the map production time and minimize the time to delivery, which is a great advantage not only for us, but for our clients and partners as well," Andersen adds.

MapsPeople primarily works with clients that operate in big facilities with large numbers of square meters, be it corporate offices, airports, or stadiums, and the patent pending invention will be able to deliver even faster deployment to these big venues.

With the patent pending, MapsPeople also sends a signal to stakeholders that it is moving towards its goals of continuous growth.

"We are serious about our growth, and we want to show this to our stakeholders. Machine learning is a key element of our roadmap and we are taking steps towards unleashing its potential," says MapsPeople CEO, Michael Gram. 

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MapsPeople is a dynamic mapping SaaS company and a Google Premier Partner. MapsPeople is listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market. MapsPeople's dynamic mapping platform MapsIndoors helps employees find a desk or colleague in a large corporate office, assist guests navigate to their seats at stadiums, display vacant parking lots, or avoid long queues. With the MapsIndoors solution, employee productivity is improved, fan experience reaches new levels, and passengers do not miss flights or trains.


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