MapsPeople Partners with Jacksonville Jaguars to Improve Fan Experience at EverBank Stadium

MapsPeople, the leading indoor mapping provider, today  announced its partnership with the National Football League's (NFL) Jacksonville Jaguars. The partnership will provide football fans with digital maps of EverBank Stadium and a wayfinding solution that will be available in the team's FanReach app and their website.


With the overall goal of improving the fan experience, the maps will allow spectators to easily navigate around the stadium — locating concessions, restrooms and merchandise along with access to real-time traffic information before and after the game. During the team's home opener on Sunday, September 17th, the Jaguars saw 2,102 map loads from fans.

"MapsPeople was the clear choice for us when it came to choosing an indoor mapping provider," said Chad Johnson, Chief Operating Officer with the Jacksonville Jaguars. "We needed a solution that was easy to use, scalable, customizable and could provide football fans with an A+ game day experience at EverBank Stadium. We're already seeing positive results, and we're looking forward to expanding the use of the solution throughout the rest of the season."

Meeting fan expectations is more crucial than ever in today's modern world of sports. A recent study by Northwestern School of Professional Studies found that 45% of "premium fans," including season ticket holders, are willing to invest additional funds in exchange for an enhanced stadium experience.

"We're entering a new era of digital fan engagement, and the Jaguars are at the forefront of investing in the stadium of the future," said Morten Brøgger, CEO of MapsPeople. "Through our digital mapping and wayfinding innovation, fans will not only navigate the stadium with greater ease, but it will also catalyze sales and revenue expansion for the team. It's a true touchdown for all involved."

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