Ricoh and MapsPeople team up to offer Advanced Mapping

Ricoh has recently relaunched its RICOH Spaces, a Smart Workplace Platform designed to optimize businesses in areas such as desk bookings, space bookings, and wayfinding. With its relaunch, Ricoh has partnered up with MapsPeople to offer Advanced Mapping as part of RICOH Spaces. 

Powered by MapsPeople and built on the dynamic mapping platform, MapsIndoors, Advanced Mapping enables frictionless wayfinding and gives users full control of their office maps. Using live data and integrations with existing third-party systems, users will be able to visualize their office data on a dynamic and interactive map of their spaces. 

Every day features such as desk and meeting room bookings are taken to the next level with Advanced Mapping, empowering users with tools such as intelligent wayfinding that adapts to how the office layout changes, as well as increasing room utilization by automatically removing booked but unused meeting rooms. At the same time, Advanced Mapping allows users to track IoT devices on their map in real time to always be able to find what they are looking for - increasing efficiency and avoiding losing costly assets again. 

Ricoh is one of the biggest players in the field of Smart Workplace platforms and we’re very happy to empower the Advanced Mapping solution with MapsIndoors,” says Morten Brøgger, CEO at MapsPeople.

With the joint efforts of Ricoh and MapsPeople, your workplace is brought to life with interactive digital floor plans that can be extended and customized to fit your needs.

“We spent months looking for an appropriate mapping partner with the technology we needed and the drive to move forward with an innovative approach. We’ve chosen MapsPeople to start this journey with, because they have this exact drive and their new 3D maps will take the mapping experience to a whole new level,” states Nathan Thomas, Head of Product at Ricoh Europe.

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About RICOH Spaces: RICOH Spaces enables you to respond to changes in how people work so that you can deliver a seamless employee experience now and in the future. Bringing workplace management under one roof, it integrates activities such as desk booking, meeting room management, advanced mapping, and much more. Retain the best of the physical office experience and seamlessly combine it with the best of remote working.

About MapsPeople: MapsPeople is a SaaS company with HQ in Denmark and offices in Germany, US and Singapore. Specializing in developing and implementing the dynamic mapping platform, MapsIndoors, MapsPeople provides the solution for handling both basic wayfinding and navigation in large building complexes, as well as optimizing the utilization of indoor spaces through smart integrations. Founded in 1997, mapping was and continues to be the core of the business. MapsPeople’s platform, MapsIndoors, consists of software development kits (SDKs) for any platform, APIs, and a powerful content management system (CMS). MapsIndoors is currently running in more than 40 different countries.