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Easier edits with bulk edits

Managing your venues and working with your locations in the MapsIndoors CMS should be easy and quickly done. Previously, every item in the CMS had to be managed individually, which could be time consuming. 

A new update in the CMS now makes it possible to create bulk edits, when you're working with points of interest (POIs), areas, and rooms. With the new bulk edits feature you can edit the category, type, alias, and floor on as many locations as you’d like at the same time. The bulk edit feature also lets you set the date for when a location is active. 

In the video below we show you how to make POIs searchable with bulk edits.


Offline dataset management

Thanks to an update in our iOS SDK, it’s now possible to build MapsIndoors apps that allows users to download multiple offline maps directly in the app. 

As all data is stored, end-users can easily switch between the solutions they’ve downloaded without having to download one solution again after they’ve used a different one. This makes it possible to prepare all maps for visiting multiple sites from home, and avoid costly data downloads while on the go.

In the tutorial below, we show you how to download maps for offline use and how to use them.


Automatic Tile Generation

Your MapsIndoors map consists of the tiles we create when we digitize your map. Tiles that need to be created by our deployment department. This isn't optimal for large venues that need to make changes to their layout on a day-to-day basis.

To support frequent changes we’ve developed an Automatic Tiles Generation feature that generates new tiles every night, so changes to areas are quickly reflected on your map. This means that you can add, edit, or delete areas, and the changes will be visible for end-users on the following day. This is particularly useful for conventions centers and other event venues, where the layout is changed weekly or even daily to support events and fairs. The feature is also very useful for corporate offices right now, as employees are starting to return to their workplaces after covid-19. In this case, areas can be used to indicate where different teams are allowed to go to avoid overcrowded areas and reduce the risk of the virus spreading at the workplace.

The Automatic Tile Generation is one out of five new add-ons we’ve developed for the MapsIndoors platforms. If you want to know more about our add-ons, visit our integrations and add-ons page, where you’ll also find information on third-party system integrations.

Greater control over the look and feel

Last but not least, a new MapsIndoors feature gives developers greater control over the look and feel of POIs, areas and rooms in MapsIndoors. 

Previously, the look and feel of locations could only be changed in the MapsIndoors CMS or through the MapsIndoors Integration API. Now the presentation of, for instance, an icon or the color of a room can be changed locally in the app for either one user or more users.

Customers who develop their own MapsIndoors app or integrate the platform into their existing environment can change the look and feel of hundreds of POIs or rooms in a heartbeat by doing it locally in the app. This also makes it possible to build more informative and interesting maps.

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