MapsIndoors News: October Updates


Every day, our developers work hard on improving and developing the MapsIndoors platform. A lot of their work goes unnoticed, because they’re minor changes, but even the smallest update, can mean a lot to the user.

In this new monthly blog series, we’ll feed you with new features, new releases, and new updates, so you can stay up-to-date with MapsIndoors news and maybe even learn a few tips and tricks. If you discover a bug or need support, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to respond within 24 hours.

CMS version 3.7.3

MapsIndoors CMS version 3.7.3 was released in the beginning of October. 

In this new version it’s possible to change a venue’s default floor. Previously, the ground floor was always shown as the default floor, when MapsIndoors was opened. However, a lot of businesses have their offices in large buildings, where they don’t own the ground floor. With MapsIndoors CMS 3.7.3 clients can now decide themselves, which floor they want as the default floor in their solution.

In MapsIndoors CMS 3.7.3 the ‘Location Types Templates’ menu has been moved to the ‘Location Types Table’ to avoid confusion, because a template is created for a specific location type. Check out the tutorial below for more information.


New standard web app

The standard web app has also been updated this month (app version 3.7.5 and SDK version 3.4.0).

The main difference in this version is that MapsIndoors clients can now break line by using ‘Enter’ in multiline text fields in the CMS. In the previous version, break line characters weren’t reflected, which made it difficult to show, for instance, opening hours.


Another change in the new standard web app is the two search fields on the directions page (‘My position’ and ‘ Destination’) that have both been rewritten for better performance and less maintenance. The change is only “behind the scenes”,, so the look and feel is still the same for users.

New documentation site

Finally, we have given our documentation site an overhaul. If you want to know more about the technical aspects of MapsIndoors, feel free to visit our new documentation site here

Documentation site