MapsIndoors Supports Profile-based Routing


Thanks to a new feature in the Network Manager, MapsIndoors now supports profile-based routing.

With profile-based routing you can decide who has access to the different parts of your venue. For instance, doctors and nurses may have access to parts of a hospital that are restricted for patients and visitors. This means that hospital staff will be guided through the restricted areas if this offers them the shortest route to their destination, while patients and visitors will be guided around these areas.

With buildings becoming bigger and more complex than ever before, the importance of indoor navigation is increasing. However, it’s not just visitors at hospitals, travellers at airports, or fans at stadiums that need wayfinding. It’s everyone, including staff and employees. And most likely, some need directions to areas of your venue that are not open to everyone.

To set up profile-based routing for your building, go to the MapsIndoors CMS, create the different profiles you need in 'App configuration', and then select which doors they have access to. If you’re using our MapsIndoors standard app, users will pick their profile themselves, but if you’re integrating MapsIndoors into your own environment, you can either let users choose their profile themselves or let them set up a default value.

Profile-based routing is available in the web application, the iOS app, and the iOS SDK. It will be rolled out and be ready for use for the Android SDK and Android app during September.

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