MapsIndoors Beats Record At Mobile World Congress


The mobile industry’s premier event, The Mobile World Congress, just took place at the Fira Barcelona. As always, the MapsPeople delegation was ready to welcome existing and potential clients, business partners and curious techies. However, one specific highlight from the event took the focus of the MapsPeople team at home in Denmark.

Mobile World Congress 

When you combine 107.000 visitors and 120.000 net square meters of exhibition and hospitality space, you risk ending up with a total chaos. However, an indoor navigation solution can eliminate this risk. That was why MapsIndoors was integrated in the official MWC app to help visitors easily navigate the large spaces - but did it really work?

In Northern Jutland where the MapsPeople headquarter is located, we have an unwritten law; The law of Jante. The law of Jante prescribes humbleness and modesty but sometimes even people from the Northern Jutland get so proud that they can’t help but to share their wins.

For the first time ever in the MapsIndoors history, the solution had more than 100.000 unique sessions in one day - actually, it had almost 110.000 unique sessions on the first day of the congress. With 107.000 visitors, this correspond to every single visitor (and more) at MWC using MapsIndoors. If you’re wondering why MapsIndoors had more unique users than visitors at the conference, it’s because the same user might have used the solution on more than one device. Additionally, staff, press and others who do not count as visitors may have used the solution as well.

The MWC statistics makes us really proud. Not only did we set a record in terms of unique sessions, we also had a 99,99% success rate. This means that out of 745.220 calls during the first day, only 77 calls resulted in an error.

MapsPeople CEO, Michael Gram, adds, “It’s always amazing to participate in MWC but of course, it gets even more exciting when you get the opportunity to offer your product to so many people and see that they’re using it and that it works really, really well”.

This year, the Mobile World Congress attracted 7,700 CEO’s - up from 6,100 in 2017 - and more than 55% of the attendees held senior-level positions. More than 2,400 companies showcased cutting-edge products and services across the 120,000 net square metres of exhibition and hospitality space at Fira Gran Via, including the new South Village, compared with more than 2,300 in 2017. More than 3,500 international media and industry analysts attended the event to report on the many significant industry announcements made at the Congress.

We hope to be part of this great event again in 2019.