Three ways indoor positioning technologies take your convention center to the next level


If you combine your indoor navigation and wayfinding solution with indoor positioning technologies, you’ll enter a world of possibilities that goes way beyond navigation. In the following we show you three ways indoor positioning technology will revolutionize your convention center.

#1 Heat mapping

Indoor navigation and indoor positioning technology allows you to gather, analyze, and understand data about your guests. One such data-analysis feature is through heat mapping, which allows you to see how people move throughout your site. This helps precisely quantify the value of each booth location. When renting booth space to companies, you can back up your pricing structure with data, and add value to every customer interaction.

This data will also show if changes should be made in your layout. You might be surprised to discover that many visitors gather in front of one drink vendor throughout the day, while another drink vendor is practically deserted. By analyzing the data, you’ll know if your expo center layout is working or if changes should be made.

Insight to guest behavior allows organizers to create the best event possible. Analytics are a valuable sales tool when working with exhibitors, who now will have the data to see how much attention their products will get to determine ROI. Back up your promises of exposure with data. Don’t just guess how successful an event was; dig beneath the surface to make deep evaluations of each event and uncover ways to make the next one even better.


#2 Location-based push notifications

Combine your indoor navigational tool with indoor positioning technology and you have the gift that keeps on giving. This combination allows you to interact with visitors through location-based push notifications, which offers valuable possibilities for both you and your exhibitors and sponsors.

Push notifications are a great way to interact with attendees and can be used as a valuable personalized marketing tool for attendees. This means, that when an attendee’s approaching a certain stand, he og she will receive a notification with, for instance, an invitation to visit the stand.

By offering exhibitors and sponsors the option to buy marketing opportunities through push notifications, your initial investment into navigational software may quickly become a lucrative business. Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

31% of event marketers think that live events are the single most effective marketing channel. Additionally, 27% of the respondents think content marketing is the most effective channel, while 25% think the same of email marketing. In other words, marketing at live events is the best you can get. Your clients will undoubtedly appreciate this feature of your indoor navigation solution.


#3 Boost sales with position-based offers

Indoor positioning technologies can also help you boost sales. How?

With indoor positioning technology the app knows the exact location of each user. This way, notifications with special offers for vendors can be sent to users based precisely on their location in relation to those vendors. This is a valuable feature in multiple ways.

First, it allows you to send targeted offers combined with profile-based marketing. Users are already accustomed to targeted offers and expect any offers to match their profile. When offers are relevant and interesting to the recipient, he or she is more likely to act on the offer. Imagine receiving a push notification for 25 percent off a coffee as you walk past a coffee stand. Combining profile-based marketing with proximity marketing in your navigation solution creates an even more powerful tool to boost sales in your convention center. 

Push notifications will also help differentiate your convention center from your competitors by highlighting important announcements. For example, maybe you’d like to push a new partnership with a well-known chef for on-site dining options. Dining has always been an important part of travelling, but today it’s also an important part of conventions. Attendees won’t settle for sub-standard catering. They want to see authenticity, gourmet, and local specialties made from local ingredients on the menu. The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre has built its entire reputation around and increased business thanks to fantastic food offerings.

An indoor navigation tool that supports the use of push notifications can deliver daily news to attendees about your chef and the local specialties on your menu. This will engage and excite guests, increasing the chances that they will eat at your restaurant instead of an alternative outside your convention center.

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