Five Trends that will shape the Exhibition and Event Industry


The exhibition and event industry is rapidly growing, resulting in a more and more competitive market. In order to stand out of the crowd event planners, hosts and venues need to develop new and innovative strategies to attract customers. This article will provide an overview of the most important trends within the exhibition and event industry for the coming years.


1. Innovative Technology


As technology is an integrated part in almost everyone's life, it comes as no surprise that new tech innovations are the leading items within the event industry to look for in the coming years. In particular live tech will take the visitor experience to the next level. Real time information or updates about attendees, upcoming shows or exact waiting times commonly emerge. Today, it is even possible to notify the guests about special offers or happenings based on their position. With tools like indoor mapping, planning and attending an event gets simplified for both visitors and exhibitors.


2. Competition of Venues




In this constantly growing industry more and more venues appear that offer the possibility to showcase an event. In order to stand out from the crowd an increased number of convention center provide unique services that differentiates their venue from others. Distinguishing features, which, at best, simplify the overall customer experience are the key to attract event planners and businesses.


3. Visitor Engagement


According to Event MB, 2017 will be the year of virtual reality and live interaction. Customers want to engage at an event and be more than just a passive observer. Interactive displays, games and competitions as well as live demonstrations at the event, digital real time chats or personalized pop-up notifications are on the rise. New technology is creating new possibilities combining the physical reality with the virtual one - before, during and after the event.


4. Diversity


In recent years, diversity and uniqueness of events did become the center of attention. Resulting in a wide range of diverse attendees from all cultures. Trade shows tend to accommodate more exhibitors than ever before, showcasing hundreds of booths and live demonstrations in a high extent.


5. Artificial Intelligence



Mobile apps that provide all useful information about an event are immensely important. Hereby the customer demands relevant and targeted information that is based on his or her desires. Mobile apps today are supposed to contain valuable facts right where it is needed. Upcoming questions should be answered straight away without an overload of information.