What’s It Like to Partner with MapsPeople?


MapsPeople is a world leading provider of indoor navigation but we need great partners to stay the best and to become even better. We have a partner strategy because we believe a local presence via our partners creates even better results for our clients. We believe in collaboration and in joining forces; By combining our expertise with the expertise of other leading IT-companies, we can create incredible solutions for our common clients.

This blog post is written by Christian Frederiksen, Head of Partner Management

Christian Frederiksen

“Working with MapsPeople is fun and boosts new business for us. A perfect match to build a strong partnership.”
Olav Adami, Business Development Manager, Localyse Benelux

MapsIndoors is an amazing product. It’s one of the best, most accurate, and most user friendly indoor navigation solutions in the world - but at the end of the day it’s just navigation. However, when integrated with the right IT systems - depending on the clients’ needs - it becomes an incredible and powerful tool that goes way beyond navigation. For instance, at Copenhagen Airport MapsIndoors is integrated with the airport’s car park IT system. This means that travellers can use the MapsIndoors app to find a vacant parking space. At the Mobile World Congress MapsIndoors is combined with indoor positioning allowing exhibitors to use location-based push notifications, and additionally, the indoor positioning allows users to see their current position in the map.

Be technologically forward with MapsPeople

The industry of indoor navigation is growing rapidly and MapsPeople is in the lead. One of our goals is to create and develop the future tendencies of indoor navigation. This rubs off on our partners. They get to be the first ones to offer their clients a world leading solution. This adds an extra product to their selection, but it also makes them more competitive and innovative.

“Our partnership with MapsPeople extends our solution portfolio. We’re Google Maps Premier Partner ourselves and we build solutions on top of Google Maps just like MapsPeople. However, our expertise is more related to asset tracking and mobility solutions. The partnership with MapsPeople allows us to also offer an innovative indoor navigation without us having to do the hard work of maintaining and developing the solution.”

Olav Adami, Business Development Manager, Localyse Benelux

Fixed Earnings with MapsPeople Licenses

We offer our partners to resell MapsIndoors Licenses. A lot of our partners are project-based businesses and by reselling MapsPeople Licences, they get running earnings to support their project-based revenue.

It’s important for us to recognize the effort our partners put into expanding MapsIndoors. One of the ways we try to show that is by having a price list for the MapsIndoors licences. This means that no matter the selling price of the licence, our partners only have to pay us the fixed price from the price list. 

We also have a very well-developed partner program; Of course, it includes technical training but it also includes training of our partner’s salesforce. We also create marketing material together with our partners, so they always have the best material to their market. Last but not least we have a Partner Portal with the sales collateral needed to sell MapsIndoors.

“Our partnership with MapsPeople is characterized by a very close communication, good collaboration and helpful support. They’re very competent and friendly, and we certainly expect to do even more business with them in the future.”

Olav Adami, Business Development Manager, Localyse Benelux

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