MapsPeople Adds Captured Realities to the Team


At MapsPeople we believe in working together - both internally but also externally with our partners around the world. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’ve expanded our partner team with yet another skilled and innovative partner, Captured Realities.

Captured Realities specialises in reality-capture services and offers digital floor plans, 3D models and virtual reality experiences for various sectors in the UK, and now they’re expanding their portfolio with indoor navigation.

When Captured Realities was founded in 2017 the focus was on the architecture, engineering and construction industry along with the residential property marketing sector, but less than two years later they’ve already expanded into other industries, including tourism, hospitality and events, automotive and commercial property marketing.

“We are delighted to partner with MapsPeople and have the opportunity to offer this indoor mapping tool to our clients. We were looking to increase our services to our B2B clients in Scotland and it seemed a natural progression from our reality capture services to extend into digital mapping, as we could see the benefits this could bring. Our reality capture services help clients to promote their space to increase conversions and this adds an extra dimension, enhancing the visitor or user experience in a commercial or event space even further”, says Gail Ricketts, Cofounder and Director at Captured Realities Ltd.


With the MapsPeople partnership, Captured Realities will be adding MapsIndoors to their portfolio in the UK, but the partnership may expand in the future. “Given their capabilities in creating floor plans as well as 3D indoor imaging, we hope that Captured Realities will make our digital indoor mapping available to those venues, who don't currently have accurate floor plans themselves,” says Drew MacKenzie, Country Manager UKIE at MapsPeople.

About Captured Realities: Captured Realities was founded in 2017 focusing on property agents and architect firms in the Edinburgh and surrounding areas.

They provide customers with a unique representation of their space by leveraging the latest reality capture technologies. Today, Captured Realities offers game changing services for various sectors with their scans that are both faster and more complete than 3D laser scanning.

If you also want to explore the possibilities of becoming a MapsPeople partner, you can read more about our Partner Program on our website.

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