MapsPeople and EzyMob partner to improve mobility assistance for people with disabilities

Aalborg, June 20, 2023 – MapsPeople, a world-leading provider of mapping and wayfinding, is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with EzyMob, an innovative software company focused on improving mobility for people with disabilities. The partnership aims to further improve accessibility in public as well as private places, making it easier and more inclusive for everyone to navigate them.

According to the World Health Organization, 16% of the world’s population lives with a disability. For some, their disability prevents them from participating in leisure activities, going to school or work, or visiting public places.

EzyMob develops mobile solutions that improve the accessibility of public and private places for people with disabilities. These adapted solutions enable users to be guided step by step according to their needs.

“Mobility is the key to freedom. The partnership with MapsPeople enables us to leverage our technology, so we can help people with disabilities navigate public spaces with even greater independence and confidence," says Robin Le Gal, CEO at EzyMob. “Moreover, this partnership allows us to elevate the user experience of our solutions, ensuring a seamless and enhanced journey for our users."

The partnership between MapsPeople and EzyMob represents a significant step forward in improving accessibility and mobility assistance for people with disabilities. By harnessing the power of technology and innovation, both companies are committed to creating a more inclusive society where everyone can navigate public spaces with ease. 

“Making the world more accessible to everyone has always been one of our core values,” says Morten Brøgger, MapsPeople CEO. “I believe that by combining our expertise within mapping with EzyMob’s expertise with mobility assistance, we make a positive impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities.”

MapsPeople and Ezymob are already working together with Corporate Social Responsibility Managers, visitor management professionals, and other stakeholders within the event industry, the public sector, and the transportation sector to improve accessibility. Their joint solution has been deployed at several trade shows, sporting events, museums, and large public venues, and more are scheduled for the upcoming quarter. By improving mobility assistance services, the partnership will not only benefit individuals with disabilities but also support businesses and organizations in meeting accessibility requirements and ensuring a welcoming environment for all. 

About MapsPeople: MapsPeople is the world-leading provider of mapping and navigation. The company specializes in developing and implementing the dynamic mapping platform MapsIndoors, which allows people to effortlessly navigate large and complex buildings. MapsPeople has a presence in 40 different countries and works with industry leaders in a number of verticals. Visit to learn more.

About EzyMob: EzyMob is an innovative technology company focused on enhancing mobility assistance for individuals with disabilities. Through their mobility assistance solutions, EzyMob aims to improve the quality of life and independence of people with disabilities by providing real-time accessibility information and personalized navigation solutions. Visit to learn more.