MapsPeople partners with VenueNext to Create the Future of Customer Experience


MapsPeople is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with VenueNext to create world class customer experiences. By combining MapsPeople’s user-friendly indoor navigation platform, MapsIndoors, with VenueNext’s mobile commerce utilities, visitors will have everything they need in the palm of their hand to explore and engage with the venue in a single location.

"Consumers today demand to have all they want and need at their fingertips,” says Cailen Wachob, Executive Vice President of Sales, Retention, Marketing & Operations at VenueNext. "Providing them with frictionless shopping experiences no matter where they are allows businesses the opportunity to deliver on this expectation, and a partnership with MapsPeople creates an end-to-end elevated experience."

VenueNext is a leader in mobile commerce technology, with their software utilized across a number of industries – from sports stadiums and arenas, to universities, hospitals, and corporate campuses, to the largest theme parks in the world. VenueNext specializes in bringing commerce options to venues focusing on a seamless experience for both venue operators and guests.

MapsIndoors is an independent indoor navigation platform with open interfaces. This makes it easy to integrate with third-party systems, allowing MapsIndoors customers to create a solution that matches their specific needs and requirements. MapsIndoors is built with Google Maps technology, which makes the transition from outdoor to indoor navigation completely seamless and ensures a well-known design and functionality.

The strategic partnership will allow the user to view a MapsIndoors map, tap on the commerce option, and leverage VenueNext technology to order Food & Beverage or Merchandise via express pickup or their patented delivery option.

“Venues are competing on customer experience more than ever,” says Steven Root, Regional Manager at MapsPeople. “Today is not about just having an app. There’s an app for everything. Today is about differentiating from the competition, and convenience and experience are at the forefront of both visitors’ & venues’ minds.”

About VenueNext: VenueNext is a technology company transforming the way venues offer commerce.

VenueNext began in 2014 with Levi's Stadium and the San Francisco 49ers and has since leveraged their technology to power the same commerce features around Food & Beverage, Merchandise, and their Experience Marketplace in Hospitals, Theme Parks, Universities, and Corporate Cafes.

VenueNext is backed by Causeway Media Partners, Live Nation Entertainment, Compass Group Plc, and others. VenueNext has offices in San Francisco, New York City and Orlando.


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