MapsPeople & Virdee partner to maximize the hotel guest experience with indoor mapping

Aalborg, January 26, 2023

MapsPeople, the world-leading provider of dynamic mapping and navigation, has today announced its partnership with Virdee, a SaaS company delivering digital check-in and virtual concierge services to the hospitality industry. By combining MapsPeople’s user-friendly mapping platform, MapsIndoors, with Virdee’s mobile reception app, guests can enjoy an optimized hotel experience with interactive mapping features. 

The Virdee Virtual Reception solution provides a fully contactless check-in experience, empowering 100% of hotel guests to check in either via web, app, or kiosk, receive a digital or physical key, and head straight to their guest room without ever standing in line at the front desk. 

In addition to helping guests navigate the hotel and find points of interest via the Virdee app, the partnership with MapsPeople grants guests fingertip access to view amenities, select services, and book locations - like the hotel spa - directly on the property map. Guests also benefit from a visual overview of room options in the hotel, enabling them to pick a room that best matches their preferences in size, location, and other add-ons.

“By partnering with MapsPeople, Virdee continues its mission to provide seamless interactions for hotel guests and ultimately reduce guest reliance on hotel staff,” commented Branigan Mulcahy, Co-Founder of Virdee. “The integration opens significant doors within the guest journey, empowering guests to discover more about a property and maximizing the enjoyment of on-site facilities, providing ample opportunity to upsell and expand revenue streams.” 

“The partnership with Virdee supports MapsPeople’s growth in the US market and underscores how effective Indoor Mapping can be when combined with real-time data to deliver an exceptional customer experience,” says Morten Brøgger, CEO of MapsPeople A/S. “Together our solutions provide guests with a great first impression and emphasize Virdee’s proactive approach to ensuring that the hotel experience is as modern as the world we live in,” 

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About Virdee
Virdee is a technology company providing best-in-class virtual reception and user interaction software for clients and their tenants, guests, and other stakeholders. Virdee helps building owners reduce costs and generate ancillary revenue by automating front-of-house workflows via its mobile application and in-lobby experiences. Using an API-first approach, Virdee connects platforms for ID verification, payment collection, access control, and remote assistance while serving customers in lodging, multifamily, and commercial real estate industries. Visit to learn more.

About MapsPeople
MapsPeople is the world-leading provider of mapping and navigation. The company specializes in developing and implementing the dynamic mapping platform MapsIndoors, which allows people to effortlessly navigate large and complex buildings and optimizes the exploitation of buildings via integrations with clients’ IT systems. MapsPeople has a presence in 40 different countries and works with industry leaders in a number of verticals. Visit to learn more.