MapsPeople partners with Uberall to bring even more value to Google Maps customers

Aalborg, Denmark - MapsPeople, leading Google Maps Premier Partner in the Nordics, has announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with the leading provider of the ‘Near Me’ Brand Experience (NMBX) marketing solutions, Uberall, to empower its Google Maps customers to improve and optimize the experience of their brand.

Not too long ago, every business claimed that the key to winning customers was in the quality of the product or the service delivered. That has changed. Today, experience is the key brand differentiator with 86% of consumers willing to pay more for a better customer experience. This experience starts online as today’s customer journey begins ‘Near Me’ with an online search for products and services in the local area. The modern consumer relies on online business information to visit a store -- but what happens when they find the opening hours are wrong and the doors are shut or the street address is out of date and the shop has moved? They go somewhere else and brands lose sales. But for brands with hundreds or thousands of locations, it can be infeasible to manage and update thousands of listings across 125+ pertinent online platforms.

As the leading Google Maps Premier Partner in the Nordics, MapsPeople helps large retail brands maximize their business with the Google Maps Platform. With this new strategic partnership, MapsPeople will bring even more value to Google Maps clients by offering Uberall’s platform.

“One in three customers will leave a brand they love after just one bad experience, while 92% would completely abandon a company after two or three negative interactions,” said Jannik Brouwers, CSO at MapsPeople. “Experience is the new battlefield and with Uberall’s platform we can offer our clients a solution that allows them to easily interact with their clients, to strengthen their online reputation, and to enhance customer experience. This is a really valuable tool for businesses with multiple locations and we are really happy to be able to offer Uberall’s platform to our clients.”

Uberall’s platform also enables businesses to maintain all their location data from one single source of truth. This means they can manage all of their listings’ details, including address, opening hours, special promotions, online reviews, and social media activity, in real time, all from one dashboard.

"It is in a brand’s best interest to provide the best ‘Near Me’ Brand Experience for their customers. The partnership between MapsPeople and Uberall enables exactly that: brands can deliver the most complete online-to-offline consumer experience and are able to stand out from their competitors. MapsPeople is a key Google Partner in the Nordics, and a valued partner for Uberall.”  said Florian Hübner, CEO and co-founder of Uberall. 

The partnership will make it even easier for Nordic brands to effectively manage their online presence and create a stronger omnichannel experience. 

About Uberall: Uberall empowers some of the world’s biggest brands to deliver a memorable ‘Near Me’ Brand Experience (NMBX) — from online interactions to offline sales. Uberall’s solutions enable multi-location brands to easily manage search and discovery, engagement and conversion in real-time on all online platforms — mobile, voice and desktop — across websites, mobile apps, store locators, search engines, maps, social platforms and advertising networks. Uberall is headquartered in Berlin, with additional offices in San Francisco, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Detroit, and Montreal. Its clients include Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders from all over the world.

About MapsPeople: MapsPeople is the world-leading provider of indoor navigation and the leading Google Maps Premier Partner in the Nordics. The company specializes in developing and implementing the indoor navigation platform ‘MapsIndoors’ that allows people to effortlessly navigate large and complex buildings. Additionally, the platform also allows venues to easily manage their spaces and visualize room occupancy, asset tracking, and more. MapsPeople has a presence in 40 different countries and works with industry leaders in a number of verticals.

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