New MapsIndoors app for Cisco Webex

Last year, MapsPeople could proudly announce that it had entered a strategic cooperation with worldwide leader in IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutions, Cisco. The cooperation made it possible for Cisco DNA Spaces clients to integrate MapsPeople’s dynamic mapping platform, MapsIndoors, to make even better use of their location data. 

New MapsIndoors integration for Cisco Webex 

Aside from DNA Spaces, MapsIndoors will now able to integrate seamlessly with Webex. Webex is an enterprise collaboration platform geared to enable video conferencing, online meetings, webinars, and screen sharing. This is something that most people who frequently either host or join meetings know and are familiar with, but as an extension to the Webex solution, clients can now benefit from MapsIndoors’ features to bring added value. Enterprise collaboration platforms are a large investment for businesses, and due to this, it’s important that you get as much value from it as possible.

To give you more value as well as an enhanced experience with Webex, MapsPeople is soon releasing a new app for the Webex collaboration platform that allows existing Webex users to activate MapsIndoors as an add-on to their Cisco management system. This opens up the opportunity for users to get an intelligent and dynamic indoor map for their workspace while utilizing existing hardware investments. The MapsIndoors integration draws data from Webex hardware, which will be used to visualize real-time data directly on their map. This means that you will be able to show information such as meeting room occupancy, numbers of people in a room, temperature, CO2 levels, and so on.

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Dynamic live data integrations enables users of the workspace to make informed decisions about where to go for their next meetings, and with MapsIndoors, this information becomes available directly on the map. Like this, you can add extra value to your already existing Cisco Webex solution and create an enhanced experience for the users of your workspace.

Are you a Webex user and want to learn more about how MapsIndoors can add more value to your existing solution? Our experts are always ready to help you with any questions you might have, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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