New MapsIndoors Feature for Driving Directions


A new feature makes MapsIndoors even more intelligent and user-friendly for people arriving to your venue by car.

As you know, MapsIndoors offers a seamless transition between outdoor and indoor navigation. This means that users can get the exact route all the way from their front door to a specific destination inside your building.

Until recently, MapsIndoors would guide users directly to the entrance closest to their in-venue destination no matter how they arrived at your place. This makes sense if you’re walking, but if you’re driving, you probably need a parking space before the entrance. That’s why we’ve developed a new parking feature, so users who choose driving directions are always guided to your parking space before the entrance.

To set up this new feature, just go to the CMS and register your parking lots. And don’t forget to check out our product blog if you want to stay up-to-date on MapsIndoors news or subscribe to our newsletter if you want to receive our product news in your inbox once a month.

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