Easter Present: The Next Major MapsIndoors SDK


Easter is approaching and in Denmark this means delicious food and loads of chocolate. However, this year, we have prepared something even better for our clients: The next major version of our MapsIndoors SDK.

The new version of our MapsIndoors SDK empowers developers to create great indoor user experiences. We have been working hard to improve performance, simplicity, flexibility and stability but the new feature that we like the most is the Improved User Experience in Offline Environments.

There is nothing more frustrating than a bad internet connecting. Suddenly, even the smallest and easiest task become mission impossible but we have made this a problem of the past. With the new feature in our MapsIndoors SDK, you will never have to worry about bad internet connection anymore.

-At least not when you are working on your MapsIndoors application.


 Today, not having a good internet connection is simply no excuse for not delivering the content when you need it and where you need it! That is why we have put a lot of effort in making the core MapsIndoors features work, even in "rough conditions". Actually you can now ship your app with all the content and data needed to create Wayfinding offline. So your users will not have to worry about registering to a hot spot or keep retrying with a dreadful 2- or 3G connection. Offline features is only available in our native SDK's for iOS and Android.

While the MapsIndoors SDK is still in Beta in the time of writing, we expect the final version to be published very soon this month. You can always check the latest version on our developer site.

If you're interested in learning more about MapsIndoors and its possible use cases, we have a lot of great content waiting for you in our blog.

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