Get Your Hands Dirty with the New iOS Source Code


Until today we have delivered the MapsIndoors app as a complete solution on Apple’s App Store and Google Play, ready for end-users to download. But now we’re giving you the chance to get your hands dirty.


With the new source code for the MapsIndoors iOS app, we want to give you a supplement to the SDKs and a bit of inspiration. This means that the MapsIndoors app source is also meant as a showcase to give you an idea of how your digital wayfinding could look.


It has actually proved its worth in a number of venues around the world, and because it is out there in the wild right now, we’re in an endless loop of learning from end-users and applying new exciting features in the product.


Our MapsPeople Development Team has lovingly fostered the MapsIndoors App, so please show it some love. And of course, the Android App is on its way too, so stay tuned!