No Need To Worry About Poor Internet Coverage

Just before easter, we gave iOS users the new and improved MapsIndoors SDK 2.0 and now the Android version is ready too.

 As with the iOS version, the new version of our MapsIndoors SDK empowers developers to create great indoor user experiences. It has been important for us to improve performance, simplicity, flexibility and stability. However, the new feature that we like the most is the Improved User Experience in Offline Environments.

There’s nothing more frustrating than poor internet connection turning even the smallest and easiest task into mission impossible. With the new feature in our MapsIndoors SDK, you‘ll never have to worry about poor internet connection anymore - at least not when you’re working on your MapsIndoors application.

 We’ve put a lot of effort in making the core MapsIndoors features work offline. So now you can ship your app with all the content and data needed to create wayfinding - even with poor internet coverage - and your users won’t have to worry about registering to a hot spot or keep retrying with a dreadful 2- or 3G connection. Offline features are only available in our native SDK’s for iOS and Android.

While the MapsIndoors SDK is available as a Release Candidate at the time of writing, we expect the final version to be published very soon this month. You can always check the latest version on our developer site.