MapsPeople and Vertical M2M join forces to offer real-time location and wayfinding solutions

Aalborg, Denmark -- MapsPeople and Vertical M2M are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining MapsPeople’s world-leading indoor navigation platform ‘MapsIndoors’ with Vertical M2M’s world class IoT Platform ‘CommonSense’. 

MapsIndoors is a map-based location intelligence platform that can be paired with almost any third-party data system. By integrating the platform with Vertical M2M’s CommonSense IoT platform, businesses across industries will be able to track people and assets and see their location in real-time on a map of their spaces. This makes the MapsPeople-Vertical M2M partnership a powerful combination that will provide users with real-time data and actionable insights to effectively perform their job. 

“At Vertical M2M we are very passionate about IoT and about providing our customers with end-to-end solutions covering the whole data value chain. By integrating our CommonSense IoT platform with the MapsIndoors platform, customers can get even more value and insights from their sensor data,” says Alexis Prevot at Vertical M2M.

While the alliance between MapsPeople and Vertical M2M is very new, the companies are already working on their first joint project. Together they will create a solution for an international chipboard panel manufacturer, allowing the company to track and guide contracted truck drivers around their site. The solution will reduce the amount of drivers getting lost at the site and increase safety, as drivers will be equipped with turn-by-turn navigation. Thus, ensuring they will not leave their truck to wander the site in order to find their destination.


Upon arrival, truck drivers will be equipped with a geolocation tracker. This allows the manufacturer to see and track the movement of trucks in real-time and help stray drivers.

“During the last couple of years, we have seen an increase in inquiries for IoT integrations and earlier this year, we launched our new ‘Dynamic Integrations’ feature to better meet this demand. Thanks to dynamic integrations MapsIndoors can show data from IoT devices in real-time. There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has further boosted the IoT adoption and Vertical M2M is an experienced IoT solutions provider, so we are really happy to join forces with them and I expect a lot from our cooperation,”
says Paolo Bruschi, Regional Sales Manager at MapsPeople.

Drivers will receive a text with a link to a MapsIndoors map. Once they click on the link, the map will open in their web browser with their pick-up or drop-off destination already typed in. This way, they get turn-by-turn navigation without having to download an app or type in their destination themselves.


About Vertical M2M: Vertical M2M has been an IoT/M2M software developer since 2008. Their product ‘CommonSense IoT Platform’ enables solution providers, system integrators, industrial players, telcos, and device makers to build and deploy with ease end-to-end IoT solutions. 

About MapsPeople: MapsPeople is the industry-leading provider of indoor navigation. The company specializes in developing and implementing their indoor navigation platform ‘MapsIndoors’ that can capture, ingest, and visualize real-time location data from third-party data systems. MapsPeople has a presence in 40 different countries and works with industry leaders in a number of verticals.

For further information, please contact

Vertical M2M: Alexis Prevot,,, +33 6 7826 9970

MapsPeople: Paolo Bruschi,, +45 2889 2060