Releasing the Integration API


For the last few months, we’ve been working on an API that allows our customers to access their map and make changes through their own content management system, and now the Integration API has finally been released.

The Integration API lets other systems interact with the MapsIndoors CMS. Not only can companies with their own CMS use this system to make changes in their map, they can also draw data from the other systems they’re using. This could be systems that track waiting times at the airport, restaurants or the like.

The API allows MapsIndoors customers to read venues, buildings, floors, and rooms and it’s also possible to create, change, and delete POI’s through the API.

The Integration API doesn’t change the look and feel for end users and no features will be removed from MapsIndoors CMS. “The Integration API is developed to help bigger clients who have their own developers. They already have a CMS and prefer to use this, so they’ve been asking for a solution that allows them to use their own systems for MapsIndoors. With this API this is now possible,” says Martin Hansen, System Developer, MapsPeople.

Public Data API Documentation