MapsPeople Partner, iotspot, Ensures Social Distancing to Help Prevent COVID-19 Relapse

How will you handle social distancing once people can return to your office?

Right now, offices around the world are left deserted, but ‘right now’ is not forever. One day - hopefully sooner than later - things will be back to normal. However, it won’t be the same ‘normal’ as we knew it from before the outbreak of the virus.

To prevent a COVID-19 relapse, social distancing is probably a thing we will have to live with for quite some time. This means that offices need to figure out how to meet the new regulations now, if they want to be ready for when people are allowed back to work.

MapsPeople partner iotspot has developed a solution that can help you ensure the recommended distance between your employees once they have returned to your office. The iotspot solution is powered by MapsPeople and allows you to easily manage the capacity and layout of your workspace.

“It’s important for businesses and for our economy that people can get back to work as soon as possible, but it’s crucial that we keep the social distance. Iotspot powered by MapsPeople allows us as a business to ensure this distance, but we need to act now,” says Martjin Kors, co-founder at iotspot.

With iotspot you can reduce your desk capacity by blocking desks, thus ensuring that employees won’t sit too close to each other. Staff will be able to book their desk from home with the included iotspot app and can only access your office by showing their desk booking. In the same app you can block and unblock desks with just one click, and the solution can be updated as often as you need to. 

iotspotx4As employees must book a desk beforehand to access your office, iotspot is also a great tool to control how many you let inside your facility. In the iotspot app you can quickly get an overview of how many desks are booked and where people are sitting. You may find that some areas of your office are left unused, while others are always fully booked. This insight allows you to take action to distribute people more evenly over your spaces and further bring down the number of people in one area or room.

“We’re proud to be working with partners that are thinking outside the box and are developing solutions that can help contain the spread once it’s safe to start opening up our societies again,” says Jannik Brouwers, CSO at MapsPeople.

The iotspot app is easy to set up and you can have your office up and running in no time. Reach out through safe@mapspeople if you want to prepare your office for the new regulations and welcome your employees back in a safe environment.

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