Women in Tech: How MapsPeople Compares to the Giants


Technology is changing the world.

It’s changing the way we live, the way we work, the way we communicate, and the way we shop. It has changed our lifestyle, our health, and our overall behaviour. However, there seems to be one particular area where technology isn’t leading the way. An area, where the industry is lagging behind other industries: gender equality.

A recent article by Statista shows that female employees only make up between 27 percent and 47 percent of the workforce at major tech companies. So, when our Area Sales Manager, Toni, gave a speech about women in tech at an International Women’s Day event last Saturday, we decided to take the temperature on our own gender equality.

Women in Tech-1042

MapsPeople currently consists of 53 skilled employees of which 18 are women. This means that female employees make up 33.9 percent of our workforce. Not bad if you compare us to some of the tech giants in the figure above, huh? In addition, 30.8 percent of our tech jobs are held by women and our biggest deals in 2018 and 2019 were closed by women.

It’s our experience that the number of women in the tech industry is increasing. For instance, going back two years, the female employee rate at MapsPeople was only 20 percent, and we also see an increase in the number of female participants at our annual developer event, I/O Extended.

We value diversity

At MapsPeople we don’t care about age or gender, but about finding the right person that’ll thrive in our company. However, we value and encourage diversity and believe it adds something good to our company culture. For instance, together, we represent 16 different nationalities, 26 percent of our employees speak three or more different languages, and we have a Wall of Fame with photos of all of us holding an item that says something about who we are.

MapsPeople, September 2018

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