Google, the Company that Forced Us to Disrupt our Business, then Became a Valued Partner


One of the things that makes MapsPeople stand out from other indoor navigation providers is our close relationship with Google. You can even say that Google (or Google Maps to be exact) is the reason we ended up in the indoor navigation industry.

If you can’t beat them, join them!

MapsPeople goes back more than 120 years and from 1897 to 1997 traditional hand drawn maps were our metier. In 1997 we decided it was time to skip the paper version and move into web mapping which became our key business for many years. In the beginning our main focus was on Denmark but we had just started delivering maps services covering the rest of the world, when Google Maps was launched in 2005. At that time digital maps were our main product, so what do you do when a software giant like Google starts offering them for free? Well, if you can’t beat them, join them and since 2009 we’ve been a Google Maps Partner.


MapsIndoors - a map with endless possibilities

Today our key product is our indoor navigation platform, MapsIndoors. MapsIndoors is built on Google Maps technology which makes it user-friendly and adds the famous Google Maps look and feel that everyone already knows and loves. Being built with Google Maps APIs, MapsIndoors offers a seamless transition from outdoor to indoor navigation. This means that users can sit at home and search for a stand at Mobile World Congress or their seat at Wembley Stadium and they’ll get the exact route from their front door to their destination. Google Maps delivers the outdoor navigation and users have the same options as in Maps, such as choosing if they want to go by foot, car, bike, public transportation, etc. As soon as users step inside the building, MapsIndoors takes over and guides them the final steps of their journey.

Another important feature is the easy integration with third party systems. This allows, for instant, corporate offices to integrate the solution into calendars so employees are always equipped with directions and the estimated time of arrival when they’re on their way to a meeting.

“MapsIndoors is a platform that can be integrated with any third party system. This means it can be built to fit almost any need or requirement, so it really is a map with endless possibilities”, says MapsPeople CSO, Jannik Brouwers.

"A valuable tool when you’re hosting a big conference"

Over the years MapsPeople has been the official indoor navigation provider at several Google Cloud events, such as Google Cloud Atmosphere ‘15 and ‘16 in Tokyo, Google Cloud Teamwork ‘16 in Las Vegas, Google Cloud Next in San Francisco in 17’ and ‘18, and Google Cloud Next in Tokyo ‘18. With thousands of attendees and hundreds of different sessions, Google Cloud needed an accurate solution that allows participants to search for and find various categories within the venues, e.g. booths, keynotes, sessions, restrooms, restaurants, demonstrations, etc. Also the seamless transition from outdoors to indoors is important as the big events often includes several venues.

“Google Cloud partnered with MapsPeople to utilise the MapsIndoors tool for several of our Cloud Next annual events. The MapsIndoors tool and map are both user-friendly and accurate and the fact that you can easily integrate the platform with other third party systems makes it a valuable tool when you’re hosting a big conference" says Cam Macintosh, Next Digital Lead, Google Cloud.

Google Cloud photo

Google Cloud wants to ensure that guests and partners get the best possible experience at the event, a clear overview of the spaces, and don’t miss out on things they may have traveled a long way to see. With the sheer amount of sessions attendees need a solution that allows them to tailor an event program which suits their needs. With MapsIndoors they can create a personal program and add stops along their route, so they don’t miss out on things or get lost on their way there.

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