Google Maps Holiday Hacks: Order Food or Reserve a Table with Your Favorite Map


In Denmark we have a row of public holidays coming up, and for a lot of people that means going out with friends and family. Whether  you're going out for a nice dinner or to dance until the sun comes up, Google Maps makes it easier for you to plan the perfect day and night. 

If you’re going out with friends, Google Maps can both help you find the perfect restaurant and book a table. Just find a place in Maps that you think everyone will like, long press the place to add it to a shortlist, and share it with the rest of the group via your favorite messaging platform. From there, they’ll be able to add more places to the list and vote on where to go.

When you’ve decided on a restaurant, use Google Maps to book a table. Just click on the selected restaurant and hit the “reserve a table” button, which will point you to the restaurant’s booking system. Easy, huh?

If you’re more in the mood for a cozy night in (or need a full day on the couch after a night out), Google Maps has got you covered too. Just search for the type of food you crave, chose a restaurant and click on “place an order” to order your favorite food and get it delivered right at your doorstep.


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