Google Maps keeps your business information up-to-date with AI

I doubt anyone is surprised when I say that stores across the world in the past few years have grown used to having to swiftly adjust information such as opening hours based on ever-changing pandemic-related restrictions. Many consumers rely on Google Maps to tell them a store’s opening hours. Thus, inaccurate information is frustrating for them - and also for the business owners. Google Maps helps your business always show the latest and updated information by using artificial intelligence, and in this blog, we dive into the hows. With the use of machine learning and AI-generated predictions, Google helps businesses by automatically identifying if the stated business hours are correct and up-to-date - and in the case that they’re not, instantly updating them. 

The assessment to decide whether business hours need updating starts with Google checking the last time the store’s business profile was updated, information from similar shops, as well as the store’s Popular Times information. The Popular Times information is used to show when your store tends to be the busiest - and if the current busyness doesn’t align with your stated business hours - chances are that they need an update.

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Algorithms compare to other nearby similar stores, information from websites, and street view images that look for business hour signs at the specific store. In Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, and the US, Google even uses its advanced Duplex conversational technology to call businesses and ask for information on, for instance, business hours. 

Google Maps has announced that it’s on track to update 20 million businesses across the globe in the coming months to help businesses give customers the best conditions for knowing when they’re open for business. 

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