When do I need a Google Maps License? [2021 update]


Back in 2018, Google launched Google Maps Platform, replacing the old Google Maps licenses. While the packaging is different, the product - and the reasons why you need it - is still the same.

Google Maps has 1 billion monthly active users and is the preferred map for 67% of navigation app users. In addition, it covers 99% of the world, is extremely scalable, and it gets 25 million updates a day. For you as a business owner this means that your solution will feel familiar to customers and employees and it will grow with your business.

Some of the questions we often get are "when can I use Google Maps for free?" and "when do I need a Google Maps license?".

With Google Maps Platform you no longer need a license. With the new platform and pricing plan keyless access is no longer supported. This means that you must have a valid API key for all your Google Maps projects no matter how big or small.

How Much Does Pay-As-You-Go Cost?

The new pay-as-you-go plan is designed to give Google Maps customers greater flexibility and control of their solution - and then you only pay for what you use, nice right? Or is it? We know from our customers that not knowing the exact usage and price can be a distracting factor that results in time spent on monitoring the monthly usage, thus removing time and focus from more important areas of your business. 

MapsPeople Google Maps Platform Agreement

We’ve created the MapsPeople Google Maps Platform (GMP) Agreement that offers you a regular invoice (no credit card needed). Together we estimate your usage for the next 12 months and design an agreement that matches your needs. If your usage exceeds the estimate, we’ll both be notified so we can find a solution that benefits you the most. 

The MapsPeople GMP Agreement is more than just regular invoicing. Being a Google Partner for almost 10 years, we have extensive experience with Google Maps which is where the strength of working with us really shines through.

We offer all our Google Maps customers:

  • Local Language Support
  • Volume discounts
  • Access to both MapsPeople and Google support teams
  • Google Maps Workshops
  • Quarterly Webinars
  • Knowledge Sharing and Best Practices
  • Optimization guidance

If you want to know more about the Google Maps Platform and the MapsPeople GMP Agreement, download our free guide, The Benefits of Collaboration with a Certified Partner

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