Three Things You Should Ask our Google Maps Team


MapsPeople is the only Google Premier Partner in the Nordics, which we are very proud of. However, what really makes us stand out in that respect, is our Google Maps knowledge. Our whole business is founded on Google Maps: We provide clients with Google Maps Licenses and our indoor navigation solution, MapsIndoors, is built on Google Maps.

In other words, we are experts in helping our clients gain value from the Google Maps APIs (application programming interface), and we are here to help you. That is why we have made a list of three things, you should talk to us about.


Do I Need a License?

Well, that depends on your needs. Google has two different license types: Standard Plan and Premium Plan.


The Standard Plan

The standard plan is free of charge if your app or website is free of charge (download and access) for everyone. Additionally, your service must be open to use for anyone without the need of restricted login (e.g. logins for a particular group of people or intranet applications would not meet this requirement).

If you use the standard plan, the different APIs come with some hard limits. For instance, the Google Maps Web Service APIs include only 2500 free requests per day. If you use up your quota, it is possible to buy additional requests. However, if additional quota is consumed, you have to convert to the premium plan.

Using the standard plan comes with a few disadvantages: Unlike the premium plan, there is no service level agreement and no support included in the standard plan. Additionally, the standard plan might come in a lower resolution than the premium and ads might be placed by Google. This means that it is possible that your users will see an advertisement of one of your competitors when visiting your website or app.


The Premium Plan

The premium plan is paid and pricing depends on your needs. If you need help with a specific project, give us a call.

If you use Google Maps on a professional level, you probably need a premium plan. Examples on applications and websites that require a premium plan are private apps/websites with restricted access (e.g. Intranet for employees), fee-based apps/websites (e.g. download fee, signing up fee, member fee, transaction fee, etc.) and tracking applications (e.g. apps that track people, vehicles, goods).

Using the premium plan comes with benefits. One of them is gaining a close relationship with your local location experts on Google Maps. This means that help is always nearby.

Additionally, the premium plan also includes:

  • Technical Support
  • Guaranteed SLA
  • Ability to use Premium-only API's
  • Ability to sell a product or service with embedded Google Maps
  • Ad-free usage
  • Highest possible resolution
  • Ability to use Google Maps APIs for internally in your organisation


Is My Application Compliant?

Having a license does not prevent you from using the Google Maps APIs in a non-compliant way. It is not always easy to decipher Google’s terms and conditions. We often speak with clients who think they need a standard license because they do not exceed the daily request quota. However, other aspects of their set-up requires a premium license and this way their application is not compliant.


Am I Using Google Maps Effectively?

With full knowledge of the license and the functionalities of each API, you can increase your ROI. At MapsPeople, our Renewal Coordinator, Fie, helps our clients monitor usages, so their solution is implemented correctly and they always have the solution that matches their needs the best. This way, we help clients maximise their investment, so they can focus on the things that matter the most to them.

We have worked with Google Maps since 2007 and we know it like the back of our hands. If you are wondering whether you are getting the most of your APIs, give us a call. -our contact informations are in the bottom of this post.


How can we help you?

Do you know that we speak 10 different languages at MapsPeople? We do and we are always happy to help you in your native language. We primarily help clients in the Nordics, but our expertise have global coverage. The MapsPeople Google Team speak Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and English. If you prefer French, German, or Spanish, it is not a problem either. So, If you have any further questions, we are more than ready to help you.

Take a look at the contact information below and find your preferred Google Maps Team member.

We are looking forward to talking to you.

/The MapsPeople Google Team

sales people From the left Jouni Salo, Fie Christoffersen, Toni Selvli, and Jesper Holdesen.

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Area Sales Manager, Finland
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Area Sales Manager, Denmark
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Toni Selvli
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