Google Maps Holiday Hacks: Plan the Perfect Day with Friends


July 30th was the international day of friendship, a day to gather all of your best friends and celebrate the years you have stuck by each other. Hopefully, you hang out with your friends a little more than just once a year, so we’ve created a list with a few google maps hacks to help you create memorable experiences with your friends. 

#1. Create a shared itinerary

You may have a few places that are staples for you and your friends, and maybe there are some that have been on your to-do list for a long time. With Google Maps, you can save these places, label them, and then create a shared itinerary with multiple stops to make the most of your day. Everyone can contribute, and you can make sure to not spend any time standing on the sidewalk wondering where to go next, or how to get there. 

#2. Find the best way to get around

You probably already use Google Maps to get from A to B when driving, but if you’re thinking of ditching the car and saving yourself from having to find parking all day, there are a few other options. Of course, Google Maps can show you the best way to get to your destination via public transport, walking or bike. But did you know that you could also use Google Maps to locate bikes shares on the map and to find empty spots in stations near you when you are done with the service? This also stands true for scooters in participating cities. And if the weather does not permit a nice bike ride, you can order an Uber or Lyft directly within Google Maps without having to use a third-party app. 

city bikes

#3. Beat the crowds

Any holiday during the summer promises to be busy, so if you want to beat the crowd make sure to use the Google maps feature “Popular Times” to get an insight on the best time to visit your destination. It will give you a per hour estimation of how busy the place is, including live feedback. And if you do choose to use public transportation, in selected areas Google Maps will add notifications about delays, and whether or not your mode of transportation is standing room only. 

#4. Get inspired 

If you find yourself celebrating friendship in a neighbourhood you don’t know so well, or simply want to try something different, make sure to use the “Explore” feature in Google Maps which will give you access to all the restaurants, bars, theatres, and other activities in a given area. If all else fails, you can type what you are looking for directly into the search bar, just like you would if looking in Google, and a number of options will pop up.

#5. Memories for years to come

Part of the beauty of friendship is how it evolves through time, so why not commemorate this friendship day so you can look back on it in years to come? No need to take out your craft supplies though, you can simply create a map in Google Maps on which you can add markers of where you’ve been, make notes of memorable moments, and include pictures from the day. You can also customize your markers by color or add the itinerary of your day, and of course, you can share this map with your friends so they can also contribute, or you have the option to make it “view only”. Click here for an example. If that still seems a little too crafty for you, you can always rely on Google Maps timeline which will show where you’ve been and automatically attach pictures you took while at a location. You can also add a title and notes (available for Androids only). For this feature to work, you will need to make sure the location settings on your phone are turned on. 

Google Maps hacksGoogle Maps hacks

We hope these few tips and tricks will help you plan the perfect day or night out for you and your friends. If you want more Google Maps Holiday Hacks, don't miss our blog about how to "Order Food or Reserve a Table with Your Favorite Map".

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