Increase your business' visibility with Google Street View

Most of us are familiar with Google Street View, the feature in Google Maps that shows you 360-degree panoramic pictures of streets. However, apart from looking at beautiful houses or your old high school, incorporating the Google Street View API in your web or mobile application is a great tool to drive more business through the door. 

In this blog post, we will zoom in on how Google Maps’ Street View API can be beneficial to you, no matter what line of business you’re in.

Retail: How the Google Maps Street View API helps consumers decide where to shop

A Forbes study found that 82% of consumers do research online before visiting a store. With this in mind, it’s vital that what consumers find when they search, either your name or products, draws them in.   

The Google Street View API supports consumers in their research phase prior to making a purchase. By adding Street View to your website or mobile application, you make it easier for consumers to find your store. This helps you build a strong online presence, as well as a good connection between your store online and offline, helping you stay ahead of the competition, meaning more people visiting and more sales.  

This year especially, consumers are interested in curbside pickups or similar services to avoid going to physical stores. With integrated Street View, you can help your customers find your store’s pick-up area, which can be difficult to find for instance when it is placed by a back entrance. Creating less confusion and helping people avoid leaving their cars to ask for directions



Delivery and Rideshare: How the Google Maps Street View API can help optimize precise wayfinding

When it comes to your delivery company, Google Street View can be beneficial in visualising destinations before the drivers arrive. This makes it easier to find the right house or location, as drivers no longer have to rely on being able to see small house numbers, or knowing the area, in order to deliver packages. 

Street View can be integrated with other Google Maps APIs to create a much smoother delivery process, saving time, energy, and money. Read more in this blog post about optimizing deliveries using Google Maps APIs. 

When it comes to taxis, ridesharing, and similar services, Street View can help to create a smooth pick-up proces. Drivers can check out the pick-up locations in advance and plan their trip, making it more efficient. If the customer has special needs, for instance if they have difficulty walking, these solutions can be extremely helpful and can create an easy and straightforward process for both drivers and passengers. 


Restaurants: How the Google Maps Street View API can bring more customers to your restaurant

As a new business, it can be difficult to become established in a neighborhood. Competition is fierce, so your restaurant’s reputation is key in order to make sure new customers arrive and old ones return. 

In this day and age, online presence is a sure way to be found. By having something interesting to look at when people search for dining in the neighborhood, you will make a good first impression, and create trust in the eyes of your potential customers. 

Having the Google Street View API integrated in your business’ website puts a face to your businesses. This makes your establishment seem more legitimate, and more familiar when customers pass it on the street. Plus, if your restaurant is located in a small court or just can’t be seen from the main street, Street View helps your guests find you, so they do not start their night out feeling frustrated and stressed.


Real Estate: How the Google Maps Street View API can help build trust

Updating your real estate listings to include Google Street View is a big help for house buyers. Potential home owners will be able to get a feeling of properties in their surroundings, without having to physically scope out the area themselves. 

This builds trust, as it enables customers to see what surrounds their potential home, and make sure that the realtor is not trying to hide any important details about the property or the neighborhood. Similarly, the user will be able to use the time travel feature, to see what the house and area has looked like at different points in time. This is, for instance, useful when a house has recently been renovated. 

Being able to do a larger part of the house hunting research at home is more convenient for potential customers. With Google Street View you’ll be able to collect all the information the customer might need in one place. Read more about optimizing your real estate website in this blog post.  


Corporate Offices:  How Street View serves as passive marketing

With many competitors, being found is as important as ever, regardless of what service or product your business offers. However, being found is not only important online but offline as well. Incorporating the Google Maps Street View API on your website gives your customers a visual of your business, which makes them more likely to remember your name. This also creates transparency, and shows that your business is legitimate.

If your offices are not located right in the city center, but rather on less known streets or an industrial area, the street name alone may not be enough to help people find your store. With integrated Google Maps Street View API on your web application, you can guide people right to the door, making sure you won’t lose any potential clients.

Your company’s Street View listing can easily be integrated into your marketing campaigns on your website or social media. Street View works great as passive marketing, as it makes your business easier to find without any maintenance. 

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