Optimize the last-mile delivery experience with Google's Last Mile Fleet Solution

As consumers, we have grown used to smooth and quick delivery services. We expect convenience, and to accommodate the increasing demands, last-mile delivery operators must continuously optimize their services to adapt to the fast-evolving market. 
To help last-mile delivery companies offer consumers the best possible delivery experiences, Google Maps Platform has launched its Last Mile Fleet Solution. The solution empowers businesses to maximize every stage of the last mile delivery journey, from address capturing, driver routing, and navigation, to route optimization and shipment tracking. 

Two of the biggest challenges for delivery service providers are inaccurate addresses or consumers not being home to receive their packages. These are issues that the Last Mile Fleet Solution helps eliminate. With simplified address entry, companies can capture correct addresses and ensure a smoother delivery process for drivers and consumers alike. With shipment tracking, consumers are updated with live tracking information on their deliveries with an estimated time of delivery so they will always know when to be home to receive their package. 

Google Maps Platform’s Last Mile Fleet Solution offers five capabilities that facilitate a smooth delivery process. 

Address capture: The combination of Google Maps Platform’s Place Autocomplete API and Geocoding API helps eliminate common problems with delivery addressing such as undeliverable addresses, inaccurate address entries, and adjustments to point-of-delivery locations.

Route optimization: The Route Optimization capability in the Last Mile Fleet Solution offers features to optimize drivers’ delivery process by helping them find the optimal order for their delivery destinations. 

Driver routing & navigation: The Driver Routing & Navigation capability can embed the familiar and valuable Google Maps navigation experience into your driver application.

Shipment tracking: With the Shipment Tracking capability, you can offer consumers a live day-of tracking of the state of their deliveries and optimize the user experience while increasing the delivery success rate since the receiver will know to expect the package. 

Fleet performance: The Fleet Performance capability lets you provide fleet operations and support teams with information on your driver fleet, including ETAs, real-time positions, routes, and status on tasks, to provide insight for performance optimization. 

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