Life is a Highway


We think most people have experienced the following situation at some point in their lives: You’re sitting in the passenger seat of a car with a friend for a nice, relaxing road trip - except you’re frantically clutching your seat with one hand and the roof handle with the other, fearing for your life while your friend is too busy finding just the right road trip song to actually focus on driving.

Luckily, there’s an app for that.

With the latest update, Google Maps now lets Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music users control their music in the Google Maps app. This eliminates the need to fiddle between apps and miss important navigation instructions (or stop signs). Additionally, Spotify users on Android get a handy browsing feature in app for finding and switching songs, albums, podcasts, and playlists.

Mr. CarPlay Driver

Apple users get a treat as well. With the iOS 12 update, Apple has made is possible for CarPlay users to integrate 3rd party mapping services, which means that Google Maps navigation can be synced to the cars’ build-in display. The only thing you need to activate Google Maps on your CarPlay display is the latest Version 5.0. Google Maps navigation for CarPlay works just like the app, allowing searches, showing alternative routes and delivering live up-to-date traffic information. You can also set parameters to specify the kind of route you want to take, i.e. avoid ferries or bridges.

Although it’s not possible to use Siri in Google Maps, with two taps, you can activate your microphone and use voice search, laying the grounds to avoid a lot of future typing.

On the Road Again - with Android Auto

Android users can download the Android Auto app for a more adapted driving experience. Android Auto has larger touch panels and a simplified interface and uses Google Maps navigation. The app is is also connected to your Google Assistant, so to start navigation, you can simply say “ok Google” to your phone or car display and tell where you want to go.

Android recommends Android 6.0 for best performance, but Android 5.0 also meets the requirements. To sync the app with your car display or stereo, you can check out if your car is compatible with Android Auto.  

So there you have it. Enjoy your relaxing or rocking road trip with both hands on the wheel. And by the way - we recommend “Life is a Highway” for your next road trip anytime.