MapsPeople and dashcom partnership makes smart offices even smarter

Aalborg, Denmark - MapsPeople, creator of the indoor navigation platform ‘MapsIndoors’, has announced a new strategic partnership with data-driven workspace provider, dashcom. The partnership allows corporate offices in the DACH region to get the full smart office experience and cutting-edge technology from local providers.

The smart office revolution began almost 25 years ago, where the use of laptops, mobile phones, and the internet was introduced to enhance productivity. Today, increased productivity is not the only motivation factor for corporate offices to invest in technology. Boosted by the pandemic, the demand for smart office solutions is soaring and flexibility, collaboration, and workplace safety are the main drivers behind the development.

“The corporate office sector has been our biggest industry for years and we can definitely see a change after the outbreak of the pandemic. Before, the main focus was to optimize office layout and reduce cost because desks were left unused. Today, workplace safety and hybrid working are top priorities, and together with dashcom we help corporate offices create this ,” says Regional Sales Manager at MapsPeople, Peter Møller Valentin.

While the flexibility of hybrid working is one of the most desired benefits an organization can offer its employees, hybrid working also has its downsides. The freedom of staff to work anywhere - remotely or on the company’s site - isolates employees from their colleagues. This makes it difficult to keep collaboration high. In addition, finding an available desk or meeting room can be a challenging task and employees often waste time hurting for a room or desk for their purposes. dashcom offers a range of smart office solutions that empowers corporate offices to create an efficient and collaborative hybrid working environment, including ‘Meeting Room Manager’, ‘Desk Finder’, and ‘Find My Colleagues’ that makes it easy to find a workmate, without compromising on data protection. Moreover, offices can use Desk Finder to block desks in order to ensure the recommended distance between employees and control the total number of people in the office.

The office of the future is worker-centric and offers employees a premium experience. By integrating the MapsIndoors platform with dashcom’s solutions, dashcom and MapsPeople wish to take the office experience to the next level. The alliance ensures that employees will be equipped with live data, such as occupancy data or the location of colleagues, on a map of the office. This makes it faster and easier for them to make informed decisions about where to work or where to have their next meeting. In addition, MapsIndoors’ wayfinding feature makes it easier than ever for employees to get from their current location to their destination.

“The pending situation has started a true revolution in the management of workspaces. Home office workers are making fixed desks obsolete, online meetings are changing the demand for meeting rooms, and office spaces are, more than ever before, a hub for discussions and the heart of collaboration. MapsPeople’s indoor navigation platform offers an unbeatable overview and together we can help businesses create a unique office experience. This way, our collaboration enables businesses to treat their employees like their most valued customers,” says Philippe Jemelin, Managing Partner and co-founder of dashcom.

About dashcom: dashcom is a leading expert in the field of smart workspaces. Its success drivers are user experience, state-of-the-art technology, and data science at the service of users. dashcom was co-founded by a major player in data solutions - large-scale information systems and real-time streaming platform. They thus deliver user-centric solutions to enhance collaboration, improve building efficiency, and enable flex work.

About MapsPeople: MapsPeople is the world-leading provider of digital indoor navigation. The company specializes in developing and implementing the indoor navigation platform ‘MapsIndoors’ that allows people to effortlessly navigate large and complex buildings. Additionally, the platform also allows venues to easily manage their spaces and visualize room occupancy, asset tracking, and more. MapsPeople has a presence in 40 different countries and works with industry leaders in a number of verticals.