Mapping the World: How Far Have We Come in 3000 Years?


Did you know that the oldest map of the world fits in the palm of your hand?

The desire to document and navigate the world has been with us since the dawn of civilization. The Babylonian Map of the World is the oldest map we know of and it’s believed to be from around 600 BC. Since then, mankind has been working on mapping the world, but three millennia later we still haven’t finished the job. However, according to Google “ours is the generation that will deliver a useful map of the world.” And the funny thing is, today, more than 3000 years later, a map of the world can still be held in the palm of your hand just as the Babylonians once did.

Take a look at Google’s inspiring video of our mapping journey and see how far we have come in 3000 years.


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