November News: Next Level Turn-by-turn Navigation, Non-searchable POIs, and CMS Tutorials


Non-searchable POIs

Large venues often have POIs, like extinguishers or defibrillators that they want to show on the map but not in the search results, when users are searching for their destination. This is now possible with MapsIndoors. 

A new update makes it possible for MapsIndoors customers to decide whether a POI is searchable or not by setting its status in the Integration API (this feature will also be available in the MapsIndoors CMS next month). When users are searching for their destination in the building, the Client API will now filter away all non-searchable POIs, making it easier for users to find what they’re looking for.

According to the NFPA 10, buildings with minimal fire risk, such as schools and offices, must have extinguisher with a maximum travel distance of 75 feet or less, depending on the type of extinguisher. This means that large venues have a host of extinguishers, making it difficult to use the search function if these show up in the results. If a user needs directions to an extinguisher, this is still possible by tapping on the POI on the map.

The feature is available on both Android, iOS, and web.

Next level turn-by-turn navigation

A new version of our turn-by-turn navigation is now ready to be tested by select customers. The new turn-by-turn provides users with instruction cards that shows the number of steps on the journey and the next turn including the distance to it.

The new turn-by-turn feature is currently available in web application for select customers, but will be rolled out to all customers and on all platforms once it has been tested.

New release: CMS 3.7.6 is out

Version 3.7.6 of the MapsIndoors CMS is out. In this version we’ve changed the menu structure and made new category titles. Additionally, icon and label visibility for locations can now be controlled individually and are reflected in the table.

Along with the CMS, we’ve also released a new CMS tutorial series our YouTube channel. So far, we have two tutorials out on CMS concepts and user roles, but more are coming soon. Subscribe to our channel here to stay up-to-date with CMS news and tips and tricks.


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