Now in MapsIndoors: Clustering Support, Real Time Updates, and New Web App


After a quiet January and February, where our developers have been working hard, we’re now ready to release no less than two new MapsIndoors features and a brand new web application.

Clustering support

We’re really happy to announce the release of clustering support for our maps. With this new feature POIs, such as icons for rooms or people will group, when end-users zoom out on the map. Likewise, the POIs will disperse when end-users zoom in.



“We’ve spent more than a 1000 hours developing the clustering support, so we’re really happy to finally release it. The feature, quite modestly, gives a clearer overview of the spaces and improves the overall user experience, but that’s also two very important aspects of our solution”, says Jesper Winther, CTO at MapsPeople.

Clustering support is available in the mobile SDKs version 3.0.0 (or newer). The web solution and our showcase standard app are developed on an ongoing basis.

Real time updating

Another new feature that we can finally unveil is the real time updating. The new feature allows app developers to render and update POIs in real time. This makes the solution more agile, so venues with ever-changing layouts can quickly update the map even during an event.

Another advantage of this feature is that the updates are sent directly from our customers backend database to their app, and down on their map. This means that data aren’t sent or saved at MapsPeople’s backend databases.

New web application

Today, February 28, we’re releasing a new web application to all our clients. The new web app has an updated look and feel that improves the user experience. Additionally, we’ve added support for both metric and imperial units, so customer can now use their preferred unit.

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