Product News - June '20

API key module

We recently released a new version of the MapsIndoors CMS that contains significant updates for all MapsIndoors customers.

Previously, clients would use their Solution ID to access data in their MapsIndoors app or via the Integration API. However, as Solution IDs are hardcoded, they are not possible to change, delete, or replace. If you accidentally shared your Solution ID, we would need to take some measures to restrict access to your data again.

To solve this challenge we’ve enabled API keys for all Solutions, and you can now create and delete as many API keys as you’d like. Restricting access via a particular API key is as simple as deleting it and creating a new one.

You create API keys in the MapsIndoors CMS by clicking on “API Keys” in the menu.


Areas data in app or tiles

More and more clients are using “Areas” in their MapsIndoors app, and now they can decide whether they want this data displayed only on their map overlay or their tiles too.

An Area is, as the name indicates, an Area you create on your map to, for instance, mark the position of desks. They can also be used to show where the different departments of your business are located, or where to find different types of stands at trade fairs.

As mentioned, it’s now possible to decide whether you want to just display your Areas in your app, or your tiles as well. With the Automatic Tile Generation add-on, you get freshly-baked Tiles every day, reflecting the latest changes you've made to your Areas.

Better overview of locations

Another new feature in the CMS is the “Locations” column in the “Location Types” tab. This column shows you how many Locations are linked to a Location Type. This way, you can see which Types you are actually using, and which ones to reconsider.

MapsIndoors cms

Kiosks show distance to POIs

Thanks to a new update in the MapsIndoors web app, Kiosks now show end-users the distance from the Kiosk to the selected points of interest. With the sms module end-users can search for a destination inside your Venue on the Kiosk and have the directions sent to their mobile device. After typing in their phone number on the Kiosk, they’ll receive a text message with a link that opens the MapsIndoors web application with the directions already present.

Support for QR code scanning

We’ve released a new feature that allows users to scan a QR code and open a MapsIndoors-based app. If the user has the relevant app installed, it will automatically open on their mobile device after scanning the QR code. If not, the MapsIndoors web app will automatically open instead. The feature also supports regular links that can be shared in e.g. an email or the like.

This feature is used in our MapsIndoors RED solution among others, in which coronavirus patients can scan QR codes at the hospital to get directions to test tents and treatment centers. This eliminates the need for contact between patients and staff, and ensures that coronavirus patients don't enter the hospital or any other area for non-coronavirus patients.

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