Protect Employees and Visitors with Vgreet from Vpod Solutions

MapsPeople partner, Vpod Solutions, has come up with ways to protect both staff and visitors at hospitals and other business locations that face new health and safety policies due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mapsindoors and Vgreet combined has proven its value at several locations around the world. Vodafone, CBRE London, and Royal Bank of Scotland are examples of that. Being a modern office/hospital/retailer/workplace today, means putting key information at employees and visitors’ fingertips to ensure the best possible experience. Every positive interaction counts.

Both Mapsindoors and Vgreet can be integrated with resource booking systems such as Condeco or similar solutions. Vgreet is an all-in-one tool that can be used to screen visitors when they enter your buildings. Its hardware and software - including a map of your premises -  in one solution. 

The current COVID-19 pandemic has created new and unforeseeable challenges. In this new reality, most businesses are forced to modify or rethink how their products and solutions create value. For Vpod Solutions it’s a matter of broadening the functionality in certain industries. 

“At Vpod Solutions we are trying our best to solve the current challenges our customers are facing due to COVID-19. The combination of Vgreet and MapsIndoors enables our clients to protect their most valuable resources, their employees” Sam Farrant, Managing Director at Vpod Solutions. 

With more than 2 million corona cases worldwide the healthcare industry is under huge pressure. One of the challenges is that medical staff risk contamination every time they interact with patients and visitors at the hospitals. With the Vgreet solution it’s possible to use facial recognition to allow contactless check-in, to thermograph visitors to check temperatures upon arrival, and to prevent potential contagion and provide individual wayfinding with MapsIndoors dependent on the patient’s type of appointment.  

However, the healthcare industry is not the only industry that has to transform to reduce the risk of contamination. Contactless check-in and thermography may become “the new normal” in corporate offices. 

With Vgreet and MapsIndoors you can give employees a smooth transition back to your office while ensuring the social distance. Having an overview of your facilities and making sure you are not allowing too many people in or even controlling the booking of seats and meeting rooms, can also be quite valuable in these uncertain times. You can complete the experience by offering your employees and visitors indoor wayfinding without the need for human interaction. 

“We’re proud to be working with partners like Vpod Solutions, that are thinking outside the box and are developing solutions that can help certain industries adapt to our new reality,” says Christian Frederiksen, Strategic partnerships at MapsPeople.

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